April 16th, 2015   |   Events - Ski touring

The Trace Du Mont-Blanc race

The Trace Du Mont-Blanc race is a ski-mountaineering event organized by the Guides’ company of Chamonix. Totalizing a 23km length and 3 300 vertical meters, this race is definitely among the most committing challenges in the Mont-Blanc range.

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April 14th, 2015   |   Events

Marta Garcia is sacred World Champion!

Marta Garcia is a Millet Spain team skier and she was recently sacred “Mountain Ski Sprint” World Champion juniors category.

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April 12th, 2015   |   Ski touring

The Great Crossing of the Alps

Jean Annequin’s quests will take him in Switzerland this time for a crossing from Airolo to Bivio. This constitutes a stage of his Great Alps Crossing, which destination is Wien, Austria.

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April 10th, 2015   |   Millet Expedition Project

MXP Chadar Frozen River

Patrick De Smet and Wim Neyt took a bold bet this year. They planned on going up the frozen river of Chadar, getting in touch with the locals and wandering in the remote valleys.

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April 8th, 2015   |   Mountaineering

Combining the useful and the pleasant!

Marion Poitevin recently went for the ascent of the Mount Dolent (3 820 meters high) which is located next to Chamonix; here’s the story!

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April 6th, 2015   |   Ski Freeride - Mountaineering

Girls don’t want to be « guided » anymore! 2nd episode

Marion Poitevin continues to promote and encourage ladies to enjoy high mountain activities with the Female Alpine Group 74. Marion is the perfect candidate for this mission: she is a high mountain guide and a mountain sports enthusiast.

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