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Back on « Des Racines et des Ailes, Pays de Savoie » : "The crew found the ice ... cold, the vertical walls ... steep and the mountains ... high»

Back on « Des Racines des Ailes, Pays de Savoie » broadcasted on 29 January with our technical advisor François Damilano whose had the chance to participate in the shoot.

How was the shooting ?

François Damilano: Well! Beyond the joke, our first job was to explain to the team production house in charge of the magazine (Eclectic Production for this shoot) the specific reality of filming in ice climbing: complex accessibility difficulties of implementation, uncertainties conditions and weather, security issues. After preparation and sightings, we shot two days (which is very short!) For ice climbing sequence in Shiva Lingam: a day to shoot the approach at ski from the top of the Grands Montets and one day for the sequences in cascade itself.
For us "climbers-actors," we must creep into the "tone" of the issue and waiting for the director to find the right balance between evidence of the reality of climbing icefall and type of information adapted to the format of the show.

How did you join the adventure ?

Since the time I wear my Gore-tex Millet in ice climbing ... My image is strongly contiguous to the ice! And then there are the many films, tv shows and books which I have participated that often guide journalists seeking information about ice climbing.

How was the sequence with Maurine Montagnat ?

With Maurine (CNRS researcher at the Laboratory of Glaciology and Environmental Geophysics) we worked together during several winters in the study team “Icefall”. So we form a roped! The scientific manipulation (core drilling vertical cascade) was therefore well established. Still have to tame the site which is particularly impressive for a scientific (although climber) whose daily is not climbing ice falls! And the constraints of filming (long established, rehearsal footage and interviews) required long static expectations hanging to the relay ... not conducive to promote the rate of climbing.

Some anecdotes to share with us?

I don’t dare to tell you the « off ». But the crew found the ice ... cold, the vertical walls ... steep and the mountains ... high! Unbelievable, no?

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