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This thermal-protection jacket with Primaloft® Eco™ insulation offers an outstanding warmth-to-weight ratio
Exceptional lightness and comfort with a Pertex® Ultralight exterior
Adjustable integral hood
1 zipped chest pocket
2 zipped handwarmer pockets

Adjustable hem with elastic drawcord
High-performance Primaloft® Eco™ insulation supports our Low impact™® programme, which promotes recycled and recyclable materials.

Exceptional lightness, outstanding warmth-to-weight ratio and comfort.

Primaloft® eco-engineering

Pertex® Quantum Ripstop Ultra Light 100% Polyamide
27 g/m²
Insulation : Primaloft® Eco™ 60 g/m²
Lining : Pertex® Quantum Ripstop Ultra Light

0,439 kg


  • Pertex® QUANTUM Ultra Light
    Because we believe lightness needn't mean fragility, we have picked Pertex® developments as the main shells in our thermal down and Primaloft® range. Pertex® ® fabrics are both light and strong, yielding protections with unmatched strength and weight-to-bulk ratio. Weighing in at 27 g/m² and 17 decitex (i.e. 10,000 metres of this yarn weighs 17 grammes!), Pertex® Quantum Ultra Light is unquestionably a high-performance eatherweight. We selected it for the lightest of our down protections.1/ Compressible. 2/ Light. 3/ Exceptional.
  • Primaloft® Eco engineering
    Primaloft® High-quality, cold-weather clothing provides far higher performance thanks to Primaloft® insulation. Primaloft® is a lightweight, air-permeable, water-repellent material that keeps you dry and warm even in the toughest weather conditions. Patented ultrafine Primaloft® microfibres are specially treated using an exclusive process, to create a structure with unrivalled insulation properties. Primaloft® Eco is an earth-friendly insulation designed for performance and comfort. Its Eco technology combines 50% of recycled materials with virgin Primaloft® fibres, to give a warm insulation with remarkably high loft. Primaloft® Eco is light, water-repellent and offers superior softness, to keep you comfortable and dry. Guaranteed warming that's not global, just personal!
  • Compression bag
  • Low impact™
    MILLET is committed to protecting its mountain world. Which is why it has created the «Low impact™» label for all of its products made from natural fibres recycled materials. This is an eco-responsible commitment to sustainable, high-quality items. And a contribution to safeguarding our environment and respecting our natural surroundings.

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  • Pertex® QUANTUM Ultra Light